Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

Payments using a Registered Card


API Method Update



As reminder, Strong Customer Authentication is now mandatory for all Client initiated Payments.

To let your clients pay using a Registered Card, you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Request to register the card during a first payment initiation. The end-user has to authenticate himself strongly through 3DS v2 process. Lemonway returns a Card Id

  2. Make sure the Card has been well registered for future Client Payments by calling a new GET API call using the returned Card Id. Please note that the end-user needs to give his consent to register his card details and the first transaction has to be successful.

  3. Initiate a new Payment with the Registered Card using the Card Id. The final user authenticates on 3DSv2 page, except if the Issuing Bank accepts to deactivate SCA (this payment will then be frictionless).

API documentation : SOAP v1 - REST v2

MoneyInWebInit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/webinit

MoneyIn3DInit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/direct/3dinit

MoneyInGetCard - GET/v2/moneyins/card/{cardId}

client payment on a registered card.jpg