Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

Payment Certificate for Money-Outs




When you request for a Money-Out, the transaction is processed by Lemonway and the order is sent to the Bank.

Previously, you were able to download a confirmation that the Money-Out has been requested.

Today, you can download a Payment Certificate when the order has really been sent to the bank.

The payment certificate will show when the Money-Out was requested by the partner and when it was processed by Lemonway. You will then be able to give this certificate to your clients whenever they need one.

To access this certificate, select a Money-Out transaction that has been processed, then click on the "Payment certificate" button.

*If this button is disabled (greyed out), it means that the transaction has not yet been processed.

Today, only MB-ADMIN and MB-MANAGER roles have this permission image.png