Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

NEW : Processing of incoming transactions on Saturdays


New Feature


As of 26/11/2022, Lemonway will start processing incoming & unpaid transactions received on Fridays every Saturday morning. This processing concerns only transactions that do not require manual intervention.

It concerns all incoming flows: transfers, direct debits and checks as well as the associated unpaid transactions.

It depends on the availability of the bank statements (some bank communicates the statements on Monday morning: out of scope of this improvement).

Transactions received on Friday and that requires manual intervention will be processed by Lemonway' Payments teams on Monday morning.

The services associated with the processing of transfers (pending list) are out of the scope of this improvement.

Identified impact: if you have subscribed to receive notifications, you will receive them on Saturday. We advise you to check that this does not impact your processing.