Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

New information required for Recurring Card Payments


API Method Update


In order to always better protect your end-users against fraud, Le Groupement des cartes bancaires CB, also named 'GIE CB' which includes all French Issuing Banks, shared some new guidelines regarding recurring card payments.

First, how do recurring payments work?

In order to set up Card Recurring Payments, you necessarily take a first standard payment from your customer. It allows you to capture their card information and verify that the payer is indeed the cardholder (3-D Secure authentication). Once the first transaction is successfully completed, you are free to initiate the following recurring payments.

What changes?

  1. For the first Client Initiated Transaction of Recurring Payments, you will now be required to send the following additional information:

a. You will need to indicate that this first transaction is the one to initialize Recurring Payments

b. You will also need to communicate the average amount of the Ne Recurring Transactions if the amount of the Recurring Payments is higher than the one of the first transaction

  1. Considering the sensitivity of these transactions, 3-D Secure authentication will now be mandatory for the first client transaction (we will need to force 'CHALLENGE' and there will be no FRICTIONLESS).

How can you implement these changes?

To complete this information, 2 new parameters were integrated in API calls for Client Initiated Transactions – see API documentation links below

  • paymentPattern > Possibles values: Recurring or One_shot
  • recurringAvgAmount > to be completed if higher than totalAmount

API documentation:

SOAP: MoneyInWebInit - MoneyIn3DInit

REST: POST/v2/moneyins/card/webinit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/direct/3dinit