Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

Get a better view on your activity with the Reports section




To help you get a better idea of your payment activity, you will now find in the Reports section some insightful information about Money-In, Money-Out, payment methods, commissions and chargebacks.

Charts will show you the overall trend and you will get more details on hover of each element. You will also be able to select your preferred time period and granularity (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) for tailored analysis.

Please note that for performance matters, data cannot be streamed and will only be updated once a day (current day will not be displayed).

Please note that if you created specific roles for your users, you will have to add the Reports permission to their role.

Reports page screen.png

New information required for Recurring Card Payments


API Method Update


In order to always better protect your end-users against fraud, Le Groupement des cartes bancaires CB, also named 'GIE CB' which includes all French Issuing Banks, shared some new guidelines regarding recurring card payments.

First, how do recurring payments work?

In order to set up Card Recurring Payments, you necessarily take a first standard payment from your customer. It allows you to capture their card information and verify that the payer is indeed the cardholder (3-D Secure authentication). Once the first transaction is successfully completed, you are free to initiate the following recurring payments.

What changes?

  1. For the first Client Initiated Transaction of Recurring Payments, you will now be required to send the following additional information:

a. You will need to indicate that this first transaction is the one to initialize Recurring Payments

b. You will also need to communicate the average amount of the Ne Recurring Transactions if the amount of the Recurring Payments is higher than the one of the first transaction

  1. Considering the sensitivity of these transactions, 3-D Secure authentication will now be mandatory for the first client transaction (we will need to force 'CHALLENGE' and there will be no FRICTIONLESS).

How can you implement these changes?

To complete this information, 2 new parameters were integrated in API calls for Client Initiated Transactions – see API documentation links below

  • paymentPattern > Possibles values: Recurring or One_shot
  • recurringAvgAmount > to be completed if higher than totalAmount

API documentation:

SOAP: MoneyInWebInit - MoneyIn3DInit

REST: POST/v2/moneyins/card/webinit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/direct/3dinit

Pay by Bank gets even better!


New Feature


A few months ago, we launched Pay by Bank: a solution to provide Fast and Simple Bank Transfers to your end users.

We are please to share with you our latest Product improvements:

  1. You can now receive POST notifications to be alerted of a payment status in real time. You can learn more in the dedicated documentation: https://documentation.lemonway.com/docs/pay-by-bank-1
  2. You can also customize the language displayed on the bank selection (French, English, Spanish, Italian and so on)
  3. We have worked on improving the number of accepted payments by blocking all payments below 1€
  4. Finally, you can see the type of Transfers (Standard or Pay By Bank) using both GetMoneyIn and GetMoneyInIBANStatus

Never heard of Pay by Bank? Find out more in our short demo video or our dedicated functional documentation. Your account manager remains at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Account statements are now available for all accounts




New Feature


The account statement page is a summary of the changes made on the balance of the selected accounts for a chosen period of time.

In the section Accounts > Account statement, you are able to view all accounts statements (excluding the SC account).

You can also view an account statement for a specific account by going to an account details page > Account statement tab.

You will be able to download these statements in PDF format by clicking on the Download button.

By default, the account statement shows the balance summary for the past month

To access this feature, you will have to add the Account statement permission to your role. Today, only MB-ADMIN and MB-MANAGER roles have this permission.


Payment Certificate for Money-Outs




When you request for a Money-Out, the transaction is processed by Lemonway and the order is sent to the Bank.

Previously, you were able to download a confirmation that the Money-Out has been requested.

Today, you can download a Payment Certificate when the order has really been sent to the bank.

The payment certificate will show when the Money-Out was requested by the partner and when it was processed by Lemonway. You will then be able to give this certificate to your clients whenever they need one.

To access this certificate, select a Money-Out transaction that has been processed, then click on the "Payment certificate" button.

*If this button is disabled (greyed out), it means that the transaction has not yet been processed.

Today, only MB-ADMIN and MB-MANAGER roles have this permission image.png

Discover Pay By Bank: fast and secure Bank Transfers


New Feature



Your customers can now initiate payments by Bank Transfer without ever having to leave your site 🎉

What this means for you:

  • Improved conversion rates

  • Irrevocable & Secure Payments

  • Reduced operational burden

  • Scaling in Business

  • Easy & fast integration

Learn how Pay by Bank can improve your customers experience, at our upcoming live webinar on October 21st 👉 Sign Up Here

🔥 Watch video

Account overview redesign





When you land on an account details page, you need to know essential info about this account quickly

This page has been completely redesigned to give a snapshot of the account and offer more visibility. Here are the 3 new cards of the Overview tab:

  • Account information: displays the balance, creation date, and other information

  • Operation summary: displays the number and volume of all the operation categories. You will also be able to select another period of time

  • Thresholds: lets you know the thresholds applicable to this account by frequency.

Also, the SC Account now has its own account overview page, with a summary of the operations and information about the rolling reserve


Payments using a Registered Card


API Method Update



As reminder, Strong Customer Authentication is now mandatory for all Client initiated Payments.

To let your clients pay using a Registered Card, you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Request to register the card during a first payment initiation. The end-user has to authenticate himself strongly through 3DS v2 process. Lemonway returns a Card Id

  2. Make sure the Card has been well registered for future Client Payments by calling a new GET API call using the returned Card Id. Please note that the end-user needs to give his consent to register his card details and the first transaction has to be successful.

  3. Initiate a new Payment with the Registered Card using the Card Id. The final user authenticates on 3DSv2 page, except if the Issuing Bank accepts to deactivate SCA (this payment will then be frictionless).

API documentation : SOAP v1 - REST v2

MoneyInWebInit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/webinit

MoneyIn3DInit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/direct/3dinit

MoneyInGetCard - GET/v2/moneyins/card/{cardId}

client payment on a registered card.jpg

Error Messages Explained





PSP Error messages were only displayed on the Operations > IN/OUT page and explained in the Operations detail page.

NOW available in Operations > All and Account Details > Operations.

You can now mouse over the message and get more information without going to the Operation's detail. All the SEPA errors are now mapped.

error message.png

Blocking Reasons Column Displayed on Accounts Page





The Accounts Blocking Reasons are now displayed on the Accounts page.

Blocking reasons can be filtered (see image)

blocking reasons column.png