Lemonway changelog
Lemonway changelog

Total Number of Items for all Tables





You can now view the total number of accounts, transactions, or any item you want.

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When you add a filter, you can view the total filtered items and the total without filter at the same time.

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Date Selection Improvement





The date selection experience has been improved!

For all transaction tables, there is a new filter for Dates. It is displayed at the top of the table, the filter default is set to the last 7 days.

Shortcut ranges have been added to help do a quick search, for example Yesterday, Last 4 weeks, This month.

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Improve your number of Frictionless Payments


API Method Update



Since April, we have been sharing with you the 3DS v2 Result :

  • Challenge : 3DS v2 authentication page was activated and the cardholder was requested to be strongly authenticated
  • Frictionless : 3DS v2 was deactivated

You NOW have the possibility to give us more information about the payers (as examples: name, email, delivery address & billing address) to get a better risk score on the transactions and expect more frictionless payments.

Functional documentation in the API doc : Click here

API call documentations : SOAP v1 - REST v2

MoneyInWebInit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/webinit

MoneyIn3DInit - POST/v2/moneyins/card/direct/3dinit

3DS v2 : Frictionless Payments


API Method Update



With PSD2, in order to reduce frauds and chargebacks, SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) becomes mandatory for all new card transactions. Cardholders will have to go through 3DS authentication to confirm payments.

The good news is that after risk assessment, banks can decide to skip the 3DS process to allow frictionless payment, improving the customer experience and the success rate of transactions.

NEW: We now share the status of 3DS v2 Authentication, when available, on the dashboard and through the API.

3DS MODE REQUESTED: "NO PREFERENCE" by default, means the Issuing Bank can decide to activate or not activate 3DS v2

3DS RESULT: "CHALLENGE" means 3DS v2 was activated and the cardholder was asked to be strongly authenticated or "FRICTIONLESS" means 3DS v2 was not activated.

Dashboard 3DSResult.png

API documentation

Api REST: GET/v2/moneyins

Api SOAP: GetMoneyInTransDetails

Guidelines on Card Payments to avoid soft declines are available in the:



Account Balance in Account Details > Operations





The balance of an account after each transaction is visible in a new column.

This column is available in the Operations page for each account, including the SC account.

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Cancel pending Direct Debit and Cheque transaction





Cancelling a pending incoming Direct Debit or Cheque Operation is now available in the new Dashboard.

How? Select a pending Direct debit or Cheque transaction, go to the operation details and click Cancel operation.

You need to have these permissions:

  • Cancel Direct Debit incoming operation in order to cancel a pending SDD operation

  • Cancel incoming operation by check in order to cancel a pending Cheque operation

These permissions are already given by default to MB-ADMIN roles.


PSD2 and Card Payments





We have recently updated our APIv1 and API v2 documentation with a section that concerns PSD2 and Card Payments.

Lemonway wants to ensure that card payments are processed smoothly with no declines, we've outlined some recommendations and best practices to help you during the 3D Secure transition period.

API v1 - PSD2 and Card Payments

API v2 - PSD2 and Card Payments

Export Data Increase





We have increased the export limit for XLS and CSV format to 30,000 lines. PDF limitation remains at 10,000.

Notification when an account is blocked or unblocked





Since December, the reason for blocking an account was only displayed in the Dashboard.

From now on, the reason why the account is blocked, will also be shown in the notification (type 13).

We’ve also added 3 new keys:

  • ReasonID: This relates to the reason why the account is blocked/unblocked and has triggered the notification
  • Blocking: “1 if the reason is blocking and, “0” if it’s no longer blocking.
  • BlockingReason: Shows the list of reasons why the account is blocked.

Please refer to the documentation: REST documentation and SOAP documentation

Display P2Ps associated to an operation





P2Ps associated to an operation are now displayed in the section "Related operations" of the Operation details page.

In order for the P2P to be displayed there, you will need to link it with the operation at the creation of the P2P by selecting the Origin transaction ID (via API or the Dashboard).

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